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Improvements are on their way!!!!

Hello everyone,

The athlete submission form is temporarily turned off as I publicised. The form will be available no later than the end of October 4, 2014. I am stopping entries so I can make many changes to the database. Additionally, I will be moving the site to a new host (trial - to get better performance), making some improvements to the site and making corrections.

Here are some of what is being improved:

  • Submission form - less pages and easier entries;
  • Adding multiple citizenship to applicable athletes (please send me your information: countries where you are a citizen, effective citizenship dates for each and which country you would like to be your "primary". The "primary" country will be displayed on each of the main applicable lists);
  • Adding road race category. This does not mean I will be maintaining road race rankings. Some of the "trial events" are the Half and Full Marathons, 10k and 20k racewalk plus some people still insist on submitting 5 and 10k road races so I hope that this different category will mean less correcting work for me!
  • Many database changes facilitating expansion, improving accuracy of some information and further moving to only having legal wind performances on rankings lists (wind aided performances will be allowed and will show up on other lists and the athletes' profile pages);
  • Website including navigation - there were some of the features that did not work seamlessly and there are some appearance improvements I have been desiring for a while. The appearance will change. The new appearance was something I threw together yesterday - didn't want to take too much time from doing more important things with the site;

The site should be active throughout the week and you can view all the lists, report errors, take the survey, submit a testimonial, submit multiple athlete results and make donations. The site should seamlessly switch over to the new location sometime today or tomorrow. There will be changes throughout the week.

Please contact me via email or facebook () with any comments, suggestions or support .